Need Help Finding a Plumber Now

Have you ever seen that movie Money Pit with Tom Hanks? He buys this dilapidated house and everything starts falling apart right after he signs the paperwork for it. It feels like the same thing is happening to me. I purchased this place a few years ago and it seemed perfect. At the time, all the major appliances were working correctly, it’s in a good neighborhood, everything was perfect or so it appeared. A few days ago, I almost blew up my house because of a gas leak with the boiler. And today the plumbing is working correctly. The toilet bowl is not filling with water and the shower drain is clogged. My hair is short and I don’t have women over here frequently so it can’t be hair in the pipe. I tried snaking the pipe with a hangar that I bent into a long line with a hook on the end, but nothing came up. I’m guessing I need a plumber to repair this stuff because I definitely don’t know how to do it. Does anyone know a good plumbing company you can recommend? I found plumbing contractors online that offer drain cleaning and toilet repair nearby, but I’m not sure how to choose between them. Their websites all have the same services and they both have great reviews online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! As a side note, I’m going to start tracking all the repairs I have to make to this house. If it gets too crazy, I might just move back into an apartment. I can’t keep paying thousands of dollars in repairs.