Bat in My Attic

I’ve shared some of the problems I’ve experienced with my home, but I never shared much about where it is. I live right on the intersection of Lodge Street and Pine Street in Albany, NY. My house is near Albany City Hall, which is located at 24 Eagle St, Albany, NY 12207. St. Peter’s Church and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church are only a block away from me, which is also nice. I love the whole Capital Region, but downtown Albany is my home. Apparently it’s also a home for flying night creatures because I found a bat in my attic yesterday and almost had a heart attack. I searched bat abatement online and couldn’t find anything, so I called a pest control company who quoted $1,000 for bat removal. Bat abatement companies usually charge $3,000 or more, so that was great news. The exterminator came over to my place, set up special “exclusion” traps to catch the bats, and then left. Within a couple hours, he had caught 3 bats. Then he sealed all the entrances to the attic (soffit vent and some other crevasses). Bats apparently fly in through windows and squeeze through But, I still don’t like the fact that stuff just keeps happening with this house. It’s like that saying about Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong will. Instead of staying here, I’m thinking I might move into the Monroe Apartments over on Sheridan Avenue.

I don’t know if it’ll change the bat situation because it’s only a few blocks away, but at least the place is new. Homes have bat problems, but I’ve never heard of a bat flying around someone’s apartment. Guess we’ll see though. This is what the bat looked like. Brown bats are from this region of New York. They’re cool looking, I just don’t want them living in my house. Their poop, or guano, is loaded with bacteria and can cause all kinds of health issues, so it’s best to get it removed (along with the flying creatures) right away. bat in my attic